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Flocculant plants

For wastewater treatment or sludge or drilling mud drainage.

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Polymer (flocculant) application

In the treatment of waste water, oil sludge or drilling sludge, flocculants are often used to bind finest solid particles in the water and to achieve a higher efficiency of the centrifuge. These flocculants can be dosed by means of a polymer system. In this case, either pulverulent polymers or liquid preparations are metered into a water stream. GHS offers state-of-the-art polymer dosing systems, in which the amount of polymer added being adjusted to the amount of water and thus a certain polymer concentration can be produced.
All GHS systems are characterized by precision, reliability and safety. High cost-effectiveness is achieved by the low maintenance effort, a general maintenance-friendliness and a long service life. The operating sequence of the GHS polymer system is fully automatic. The flocculant systems are equipped with an intelligent control unit with touch panel.

Technical data:

  • Performance from 500 l/h up to 5,000 l/h, application-specific designed
  • Solvent concentration: adjustable from about 0.05% up to about 1%
  • Operating water: technically pure, min. 4 bar
  • 2/3 chamber system, 2 double-wing mixer, piping made of PVC or stainless steel
  • System complete with pump and touchpanel, fully automated cabled and piped