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Top 100 Inovator
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The vision to become a one of the leading separation technology companies -  the key points in the company's history all clearly mark the path to success:



GHS Separationstechnik GmbH gets TOP 100 award as one of the best innovative medium-sized company


Expansion of the new production site in Pfeffenhausen
New balancing machine for rotor diameters up to 1500mm and rotor lengths up to 6000mm
Expansion of the new machining center
Development of a mixing tank with integrated screen unit
Acquisition of an additional plot area of 3000 m² to expand the production area
Start of research project # 5 in cooperation with the European Union


Move to the new production site in Pfeffenhausen
Complete in-house production of the GHT series
Redesign for GHT250H
Start of research project # 4 in cooperation with the European Union


Start of construction project plant II at the new location in 84076 Pfeffenhausen with the aquisition of a plot area of 5,200 m² to increase production depth and production capacity
GHS becomes Netzsch´s service and sales partner
Start of research project #3 in cooperation with the European Union


Realization of the largest investment project in the company´s history: Construction of a 4-storey separation plant for drilling mud in Baku, Azerbaijan
Opening of the GHS sales office in Azerbaijan
Introduction of ISO 9001 - quality management
New service partner for region Italy - Decro Services Separation S.r.l.
Start of research project #2 in cooperation with the European Union


Successful market launch of separation platform in the cement use DSV/HDI
VDBUM award for outstanding projects in cooperation with partner L-Team Baumaschinen GmbH
Start of research project #1 in cooperation with the European Union


Market launch of the GHT series in the plastics recycling industry
Completion of the first SPFs in container construction of the microtunneling market


Presentation of GHS´ own cetrifuge series GHT (250/290/390/470/600)
Development, production and market launch of mobile, fully automated separation platform HDD market together with the partner L-Team Baumaschinen GmbH


Engineering and production of the GHS series for plastic water recycling
GHS also establishes itself in the market as the specialist for the general overhaul of centrifuges of all well-known manufacturers


GHS expands its customer base and enters the Kazakh market. In the same year, GHS Separationstechnik GmbH is developing two unique modules:

Module 1: mobile decanter system for washing waste oil with 4 container units
Module 2: washing system for cleaning contaminated soils


Start of cooperation with the international market leader for special foundation engineering (in particular hydromill trench cutter) with the goal: Development, production and market launch of a new centrifuge series size 600 mm


Engineering and production of 15 centrifuges/rotor units to the drilling equipment for a well-known manufacturer
Realization of a centrifuge size with 600 mm drum diameter
Development of the new GHT series for mineral applications and micro-tunneling


Move to larger office
Realization of a double-deck centrifuge system for the geometry market in ATEX


GHS is also internationally known through the numerous national projects and realized the first international order.


GHS Separationstechnik GmbH is implementing a project for a well-known German beverage manufacturer
Opening of our production and assembly plant in Weihmichl, start of self-production of centrifuges and decanters
Engineering of several centrifuge series
Foundation of GHS Separationstechnik GmbH in Landshut by Günter Haider